Life Coach & Mentor

Life Coach & Mentor

Life Coach & Mentor

Christians today are desiring to deepen their relationship with God, along with spiritual growth and guidance. They are looking for a Coach/Mentor with who has experience and spiritual stability that they can join with, in a community and fellowship with other believers, opportunities for service and ministry, support and encouragement in their faith journey, and resources that align with their biblical beliefs and principles. They often seek a solid coach and mentorship, a space for authentic worship and prayer, and involvement in activities and initiatives that promote and meet their needs and needs of others. Ultimately, people desire to live out their faith in a way that brings honor to God and fulfills His purpose for their lives. 

Topics we will be covering are listed on the flyer, and things that will be intertwined in each session will be growing in character and virtue, cultivating healthy relationships, as well as addressing specific issues and questions related to their faith. We will be tailoring topics to individual needs and interests to each person, while grounding them in biblical truth and principles. 

My purpose as their Coach is to equip each individual so that my presence is no longer needed where they are, and they can continue on in life being strong and stable in their personal walk with God. There will be individuals who will successfully complete the program, obtain a certificate, and subsequently pursue careers as coaches and mentors in their field.

Mentoring is a way of raising up mature Christian disciples within the Body of Christ. The Spirit of the Lord initiated mentoring duties through Moses, Elijah, and Deborah. (Deut. 31:8-9, II Kings 2:9-13, and Judges 4:3-7). 

Those interested in joining a group at a specific location, please text your name, cell phone number, and email to 864-501-2930. Info will be emailed concerning your next step.




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