About Us

Transformative Parachurch Ministry

Welcome to God Invasion, a parachurch ministry where the power of prayer and intercession birthed a mighty revival movement that is now igniting a great awakening across churches, cities, and nations. As a strategic force for birthing and releasing an authentic move of God, we are passionate about empowering ...

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Igniting the Great Awakening of Revival in Churches, Cities, and Nations

Our passion is to ignite a great awakening in churches, cities, and nations, ushering in a tidal wave of divine transformation and spiritual revival. We understand that genuine revival goes beyond temporary emotions; it is a powerful encounter with the very essence of God's presence that ignites a fire within the ...

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Catalysts of Revival: Empowering the New Generation

Our dynamic revival movement has a powerful mission: to equip and empower a mighty new generation of leaders and individuals who will become catalysts for profound revival. Our vision extends far beyond mere gatherings; we aim to ignite a transformative spark within every heart, birthing a contagious zeal for ...

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