Transformative Parachurch Ministry

Welcome to God Invasion, a parachurch ministry where the power of prayer and intercession birthed a mighty revival movement that is now igniting a great awakening across churches, cities, and nations. As a strategic force for birthing and releasing an authentic move of God, we are passionate about empowering individuals and communities through our transformative gatherings and initiatives.

Our prayer meetings and intercession groups were the foundational pillars upon which God Invasion was built. These sacred moments of communion with God laid the groundwork for a powerful revival movement that now spans approximately 100 churches and ministries in the North and South Carolina regions. Our impact knows no bounds, as we are now expanding into other states, driven by an unwavering commitment to collaborating and winning cities for God's glory.

At God Invasion, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of spiritual transformation. Our faith-based drug prevention program serves as a beacon of hope, educating and equipping individuals to understand the dangers of street drugs, so they help others from the allure of dangerous substances that leads to addiction. For those seeking to dive deeper into their spiritual journey, our retreats provide a nurturing haven for reflection and rejuvenation.

Furthermore, our powerful speaking engagements serve as a catalyst for inspiration, touching hearts and inspiring profound change. As we unite in this transformative mission, our ministry stands as a testament to the impact of the God invasion, a movement that leaves an indelible mark on every soul it encounters.

We invite you to be part of this extraordinary journey, where prayer, revival, and faith-based initiatives converge to create a mighty wave of awakening. Collaborate with us to win cities for God as we continue to expand our movement beyond boundaries and transform lives for generations to come. To join the movement or inquire about our gatherings, contact us at (864) 501-2930. Together, let's embark on this divine expedition, empowering hearts and revolutionizing the spiritual landscape.


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