USA Global Enterprise




USA Global Enterprise collaborates together with other established nonprofits to

assist city officials for the betterment of human development. We provide a

headquarters with those who have expertise and experience, and who are

established in providing personal and professional attention to the specific needs

in their city. Each nonprofit is available to educate others interested in sessions

provided by our establishment for their specified needs in their cities.


Our vision is to provide training spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotional

to help meet the needs of our community and come alongside the community



Together we unify our resources to increase and assist our city officials to help

alleviate the communities many issues and responsibilities.  Each 501(c)3

nonprofit have earned the respect of our community through their being

successful in their area. Our reputation reflects the high standards we demand of



Our professionally trained counselors provide individual support and help to

educate those with specific needs in the community.  These area's include drug

and alcohol addictions, anger management, family counseling, behavior health

needs and assessment, etc. Free consultation on major life transitions and

emergencies are also available such as divorce, death, major illness, student

counseling for school related crisis, and more.


We have 501(c)3 nonprofits that work with problems associated with city crisis

such as working with and feeding the homeless and street people, gang related

issues, homeless people, drug addiction rehabs, etc., and other serious behavior



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