God Invasion has impacted many churches, conferences, retreats, and international ministries. Ministry leaders have reported that their prayer teams have gone to new levels. Praise bands and worship teams became inspired as they were challenged to create an atmosphere to usher in the presence of God. They became enlightened as they learned that they were to set the atmosphere for a powerful move of God in their services. Leaders also became enthused evaluating how the altar times drew people who were hungry for God, and how souls were saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Leaders especially loved the intense ministry time around the altars yielded to people being touched by the power of God, some being healed of broken marriages, broken homes, broken lives, disease, depression and emotional distress. A strong sense of a true revival and move of God was intensely manifested. 

A new breed of revivalists is taking God Invasion Outpouring to different regions, expanding to a true God Invasion everywhere they go. They release a fresh impartation of God’s supernatural presence in every venue. Medically documented signs, wonders, and miracles have been witnessed on many occasions. God Invasion changes people and changes nations. 

If you would like to have a God Invasion Outpouring at your venue, listed below are a few references.


Pastors Randall and Donette Spence

Freedom Center

Salem, Virginia

click here for website


Pastor Joey Turner

Enounter Church

1905 N. Limestone St.

Gaffney, S.C. 29340


*More upon Request