Marketplace Outreach

God Invasion Revolution (Market Place Ministry)

The Marketplace Team is directed by Wallace Nix and is a street ministry team committed to going out on the streets and offering ministry and prayer to people on a daily basis.  A team is taken to a designated location with the intent of reaching out to strangers to pray for their specific need.  The team gathers for a brief time to share a pertinent scripture, worship, and to focus on what God wants to do, who to approach, and what to say. On occasion team members receive words of knowledge, which causes the hearer to be very curious, interested, and receptive. The only intent is to be there for them and to live a life pleasing to God and to pray and expose people to the power of God. If the door becomes open for salvation during the ministry time then they lead them into the prayer of salvation. Their personal information is obtained to follow up during the week under the direction of Wallace Nix and Gabe Clevenger. They are given salvation material and discipled, trained, and in many cases given job skills. It is the belief of this ministry team to empower the people to learn how to pray 1st, disciple them and then train them. They plugged into God Invasion from the beginning and there they experience the true presence of God which is life altering when their spirit is impacted by God.

We believe that Marketplace Ministry is the call that is on every believer’s life.  The word of God says, “Go you into the highways and byways, and compel them to come in.” (Luke 14:23).  Lives have been touched in a tangible way. God has brought increase to God Invasion as the result of this market place ministry of God Invasion.