Music Ministry

 We Are Presently Looking For Anointed Musicians Who Feel The Call For Revival and Prayer

Musicians and Singers 

The Musicians and Singers are a group of anointed musicians who creates an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to descend and permeate the room. They are people who are devoted to intercession, seeking the heart of God, and focus on God while playing, creating an astomophere that the Holy Spirit desires to come and inhabit the praises of the His people. They see their instrument as a weapon of warfare to tear down strongholds, both in the vocalist and the instumentalist. The Leader is anointed and knows those who are serving along side him. The Leader, Vocalist and Instrumentalist live a life devoted to purity and holiness before God. The prophetic and healing flow with liberty during their ministry.



Qualifications To Be Involved:

1. Each band member must be a strong intercessor.

2. Worship leaders, along with every musician, must have a private and personal call to prayer and intercession and worship from their heart. The anointing will flow out of each ones spirit because of their own personal, private, daily, prayer life and hearts. They atmosphere they create will become ignited with the presence of God because of the anointing from within. It will not be unusual for God’s supernatural presence to manifest in unusual and powerful ways during the worship service. 

3. Their recognize their gifts and instruments are spiritual weapons that God uses to pull down the strongholds of the enemy in any given service.

4. They should have one purpose, intent, and mandate, and that is to create an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to come and descend and flow among the people.  Supernatural healings will be evidenced during worship services because of the strong anointing on each band members life. People’s lives will be impacted and changed because of the anointing on each musician. 5. If you feel you meet these qualifications, please contact us for an interview and possible audition.

6. Must bring 3 strong references affirming the above

7. Must have a humble spirit and attend God Invasion Services consistently prior to be placed on platform.